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New regional law on bread in Emilia Romagna

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On 22 November 2017 the Emilia Romagna Region published Regional Law 17 November 2017, n. 21, "Rules for the production and sale of bread and bakery products and for their valorisation".

With the declared intention of enhancing the professionalism of craftsmen, promoting the modernization and development of bread-making and guaranteeing the right to information for the consumer, the law actually sets specific regional rules for the production and sale of bread, that are quite different from the national legislation of bread and European labelling rules. The law, in particular, provides specific requirements to be able to exercise the activity of baker, as well as selling methods and special labeling provisions for bread and bakery products.

As an example, the regional law establishes that “preserved bread” has to be sold prepackaged, on separate shelves from fresh bread. The shelves have to be marked with the words "preserved bread". In addition to the general labelling requirements, the bread label, according to this law, is required to state: the state and the method of conservation used, the origin of the dough, the origin of the product, the date of production, the name of the producer, as well as any methods of storage and consumption.

The enforcement of the law is entrusted to the Municipalities.

The regional law is accompanied by regulatory pecuniary fines of up to 10.000 euros. The penalties will be doubled in case of recidivism, and the Mayor, in cases of particular gravity, may order the suspension of the sale activity for a period of time not longer than 20 days.

The illegitimacy of the provisions of the law is evident.

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